Our plants are generally sourced from the wild – not cultivated – because we have shown that they are more potent this way. To make sure that the wild-harvest is sustainable, Africa Organics has affiliated with PhytoTrade Africa. PhytoTrade serves a dual function – to monitor the wild populations of plants and to ensure that the people harvesting the plants are fairly and promptly paid. This way we can ensure that our impact on the African bushveld is a positive one – empowering people by encouraging them to value the fruits of the bushveld.

PhytoTrade community projects are operating in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. These projects make an enormous difference to the quality of life in these rural communities. The majority of the harvesters are women in very rural settings. They use their traditional knowledge of these plants to optimise the time of harvest and they use the money from selling Baobab fruit or Marula nuts to send their kids to school, or put a new roof on their house or maybe buy cattle to allow them to plough the land. Every year things get incrementally better for the communities harvesting these fair trade ingredients, with the result that the community gains in strength.