Organic farming uses sustainable methods to keep the soil fertile and natural ways to keep pests and diseases under control – no inorganic fertiliser, no chemicals. That means that there are no chemical residues in the plants. So – the oils and extracts from these organic crops are pure and ready to be used in our products.

But when you buy certified body and hair care products you get more than that. If a product is certified by Ecocert (or another organic certifier) then it won’t contain some key ingredients that pose health risks. It also won’t contain ingredients sourced from petrochemicals and the preservatives used are very closely controlled. So it’s a guarantee that the product is genuinely natural and organic and not just another marketing spinoff.

Buying organic is also subscribing to a new, more sustainable, way of living. The argument about when oil is going to run out is pointless. If we don’t change our lifestyles, it will run out. Before it runs out we need to have moved on to a new system. We think that organic farming and mindful, ethical products are a step toward life on earth that is indefinitely sustainable, richly varied and beautiful.